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Copyright is defined to; protect creative expression in form of writing, recordings, artwork, films, software, and architecture. Copyrights confer the exclusive right to reproduce, display, perform, distribute, market, or sell the creative work, as well as to prepare adaptations or derivative works, or to authorize others to do so.




FS Patent Law can assist you with patent law services, outlined below.

Registrability screening searches

The main purpose of a pre-screening search is to rule out names which are obviously unavailable; it does not provide a definite opinion on the registrability of the remaining candidates or freedom to operate. It identifies obvious conflicts at an early stage and provides a yes or no to proposed names

Preparation and filing of copyright applications

Filing a trademark application involves filling out and submitting forms to the USPTO. Information that may be required includes the format of the mark, the identification of the goods and services to which the mark will apply, and the basis for filing, i.e. – whether the mark is in use or whether you intend to use the mark in the near future. It is always a good idea to have conducted a trade or service mark search before filing a trade or service mark application.

Infringement / validity opinions

Sometimes patents have to be enforced. In some industries this is rare, in others it is a day-to-day reality. You need to know whether a given act will infringe a patent. You need to know how that will apply in different countries. You need to know if a patent is valid or invalid. Our job is to give you a clear answer to these questions. And in the end, there is a binary outcome – a patent is infringed or it is not, and to the extent it is infringed, the subject-matter is either valid or it is not.

License & assignment agreements

A licence is a contractual right giving someone permission to use certain property that is owned by another. Failure to maintain some quality control over the use of the licensee could result in a forfeiture of trade mark rights.